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Hello readers!!!!
This is the masterpost for all my fics…. Simple enough? XD
To first-timers: You won’t be disappointed.
To existing readers: Maybe the chapter names will amuse you and make you read it again XD
The Brilliant royal Divorce Plan (JunDa)
Ch. 1: Somebody Needs to get married, FAST.
Ch. 2: An annoyed turtle encounters his empress.
Ch. 3: Hot drinks are spilled and the emperor makes his debut.
( The rest )
Ch. 50: Oh the woes of being popular.
Ch. 51: Oh the woes of being popular AND beautiful.
Ch. 52: Ryo’s plans come crumbling down a bit at a time.
Ch. 53: POLITICS!!! *prances*
Ch. 54: Who knew death would come this fast?
Ch. 55: Walls, wars… Wailing.
Ch. 56: “You’ve been riding me for the past three hours”
Ch. 57: In a bid to find Ueda *coughryocough*, Tegoshi strips and Maru is less than happy. And JunDa turn bookwormies.
Ch. 58: Junno's sapfest.
Ch. 59: When people are naked in the bathtub, jump on them.
Ch. 60: Taro root, potato, bamboo shoot.
Ch. 61: Why is it when Junno wants a threesome, all he gets is a striptease?
Ch. 62: The sex. Oh the sex. (You know you've been waiting for this)
Ch. 63: Ueda and his battle to the death. Wait… Who’s death?
Ch. 64: Some turtles just get all the luck

Ch. 66: Could it be? Yes... Junno gains an admirer!!!
Ch. 67: How Akame gives Junno an idea but makes Nakamaru want to run into a brick wall.
Ch. 68: If Ueda and Kamenashi never have a bone to pick with each other, why do they fight the most?
Ch. 69: He [Junno] can swim like a drunk brick.
Ch. 70: Nakamaru Yuichi, the underwear thief.
Ch. 71: How to give your advisor a stomach ulcer in one easy step
Ch. 72: The Taguchi Junnosuke Detective Files
Ch. 73: Brotherly Love = 20kg kimonos
Ch. 74: Get your priorities sorted.

Ch. 75: Taguchi Junnosuke, the resident idiot (?)

One-shot: (pretty much all NC-17)
NOT JUST ANY HOTEL, I PROMISE! (sequel to Too Many Bags Uepi!!!)

I WISH I COULD HAVE GONE TO THE THEATRE INSTEAD (sequel to You Are Not Going To The Damn Theatre)



The Brilliant Royal Divorce Plan Chapter 75

A.N. I'm baaaaaack! whew this story has gotten long, but after these bits of relflection, I promise a large string of events that will put everything in their places. I love your guys for reading this tale of epic length, and I hope you read this chapter closely, and re-read if the meaning of some sentences are a bit deep. If you have any questions, don't hesitate of ask me in a comment, and i will gladly explain what a particular bit infers about a character. These bits become more and more important as the story goes on, and it is important you understand or some actions may seem OOC later on when the character makes important personal decisions~

“You are Taguchi Junnosuke’s one and only priority,” Junno stubbornly bit back.

“Then answer me, who is the priority of the Honshu Emperor?”

Junno fell silent for a while, suddenly engrossed in the fine detail of his sleeve embroidery.

“We will discuss this after Yamada Ryosuke is dead and you’re my empress again,” he finished the conversation.

We both know that will never happen though. What wrong with a little dream? Surely God has not forbidden even the likes of us to dream?

The carriage stopped slowly.

“We’re here,” Ueda whispered, “Welcome home, Your Majesty.”

“WELCOME HOME YOUR MAJESTY!!!!” the most unexpected of sorts came crashing through the blinds of the carriage before the pair could even move out.

Yamada Ryosuke fairly leapt onto the couple’s carriage, oblivious to his status as temporary king and wrapped his arms around Ueda’s neck. “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!”

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The Brilliant Royal Divorce Plan Chapter 74

Dear girlies:

I promised I'd be back at the end of November and here I am~ honestly rl is such a pain but now that everything's out of the way, I can happily write fics again while I wait for the CHAIN dvd to turn up at my doorstep! In case you're lost completely, I would suggest you a) read last chapter, or b) read the next paragraph.

SO. What we have now is a tight situation. The gang have busted out of Hokkaido, survived a flaming ship and made their way to Sendai, home base of the Kamenashi family. Kame's older brothers have been complete and utter cockblocks, and just as Kame and Jin's problems have gotten sorted, Ueda has decided to negotiate with the Kamenashis to help them get back Junno's throne. 

But they seem not to like him very much.

“It depends if I’m talking with the transvestite empress of Honshu or the Crown Prince of Hokkaido,” Kamenashi Yuuichiro made no attempt to hide the disdain in his voice.

“As much as I would love to play word games with you Sir,” Ueda curtly replied, “I have no time. I would like to know whether you are going to help us in our cause or-

“Or you’ll kill us?” Kouji scoffed, “such a Hokkaido way to do things!”

“I mean no harm,” Ueda sighed, “but essentially, yes. If your care for Kame does not correspond to our political needs, I may be forced to smite you where you stand.”

“Come in then,” Yuuichiro laughed, “we’ll discuss this over a cup of hot sake.”

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The Brilliant Royal Divorce Plan Chapter 73

Dear readers: The Kamenashis are in the house.

Run for your lives~

As the court decided what to do with this man who spoke nothing but clear reason, the main door opened and two men accompanied with a child entered the courts like they owned the place.

“Make way for Lord Kamenashi and his brothers!”

They DID own the place.

The court rose to their feet and knelt respectfully but Kamenashi Kazuya remained standing, face ash white mainly from makeup, but also from shock at seeing his brothers once again after so long.

Ryo gave a few desperate tugs on his sleeve to hide him but Kame remained as stiff as ever, fists clenched.

The elder Kamenashi turned to scrutinise what seemed like a beautiful woman.

He came close.

He came closer still.

“Young lady,” he mused and raised Kame’s chin with his fan, “you look positively familiar to me.”

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The Brilliant Royal Divorce Plan Chapter 72

A.N. I love being back and writing!!! This time, Ryo seems to be coming unstuck for once... all his lies are coming back to bite him and we see how smart Junno really is.

“For once I agree with you Kamenashi…” Tegoshi gave Ryo a death glare, “Ryo, you’re a pervert.”

“I know, but a happy pervert,” Ryo winked and rode up behind Tegoshi’s horse and gave the unsuspecting man a slap on the ass.

The trip into Sendai went a LOT faster after that – Ryo has always been quick to run for his life when the need arose.

[The same night]

“Now everyone listen up!” Maru cleared his throat as they exited the small inn into the streets, “Our mission is to stay as invisible as possible tonight, buy supplies and leave this place for Kyoto starting sunrise tomorrow.” He sighed as Ueda, Tegoshi and Kame were already strating to draw attention just by standing next to him. “As I was saying, we are not to do anything that might alert authorities-


Before his speech had even finished, Junno spotted an attempted robbery and had already taken down the street on foot, chasing the robber.

“YOU GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!!!” Maru screamed after him to no avail. “GET HIM BACK HERE YOU GUYS!!! We can’t afford any slip-ups and this might be a trap!!!”

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A.N.... OK I know this story has not been updated for months on end and I know you're ready to hang, draw and quarter me. But at least finish the fic? *puppy eyes*

So far, the gang have gotten out of Hokkaido with the help of Koki's little brother (Koki himself has disappeared into thin air), they are stuck in Aomori without their army in the night and Maru is probably looking to steal Junno. *whelp* the group is slowly falling to pieces as nobody trusts anyone anymore but they still have to get to Kyoto and get JUnno back on the throne. It's a great outlook ><'

“Maru you’re a genius!!!!” Junno jumped onto his advisor’s back like a child receiving a lifetime’s supply of candy, “What will I ever do without you? I love you to pieces man!!! Now let’s get the army in Aomori and kick some bratty ass!!!”

“I know you love me Junno but you’re strangling me.” Nakamaru Yuichi took the time to glance at Ueda with a completely different level of smugness on his face. “Let’s do some planning and go back to the good old days of civil war.”

“I have nothing to worry about with friends like you guys!” Junno pulled Maru into a bear-hug and reached for Ryo, who dodged laughing.

Smug glance number two.

For the first time in his life, Ueda felt the need to punch the emperor for being too much of a lovable idiot.

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A.N. Heh. My last thing before this series really finished… I mean, did you girls think I’d leave JunDa be without a crazy misunderstanding, a wedding and some long-awaited smut? I didn’t either *wink* This takes place after the Dominion and co. leave Tatsuya's house.

And one more thing: RL is annoying. I've been meaning to post this for like the past month but I couldn't finish it due to my computer freaking DYING and not to mention the whole fic file (and I mean the full fic) reverting back to what it was in February of this year = =' so i may have to copy and past everything. FML.
But, never mind. Enjoy!

“Hey Junno?” Ueda nonchalantly fingered his Tiffany ring as he undressed for the shower, “Did you ask me to marry you when you gave me this ring?”

“I can’t remember…” his lover poked his head around the corner, “You might have been insane and trying to kill me at the time dear. I really can’t remember…”

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A.N. Just read it. Last chapter.

“So what now?” Kame asked, dumbfounded, “Junno can see him but he’s scared as shit! I thought you had SKILL?!”

“Oh shut up and make me a sandwich…” the Dominion scowled and pulled a face, “it’s my magic, remember? Not me.”

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A.N. IMMA BACK!!!! *hides from bricks* my holiday was over, I came home and TADA~ I had 5 other deadlines in my classes to meet. I met three of them. BUT everything's over now and I can be back writing again until my mid-terms start in a week. DAMMIT.

Anyways~.... Tatsuya's on Earth with the Dominion, Junno can't see him, Kame and Jin can and things get crazier (if that's even possible). Potential Maru torture and that's about it. ENJOY!!!

“Wow. That’s… inconvenient,” Jin scratched his head, “So if I talk to you I’ll look like I’m talking to air?”

“Akanishi-kun,” Junno asked, “Why are you talking to air?”

Both Kame and Tatsuya pulled frustrated faces. For someone in med school, Jin was surprisingly simple and a tad drunk when he least should have been. He seemed to get the message clear enough though – to the wider world (being other than Kame, Maru and himself) Ueda Tatsuya was a work of fiction.

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A.N. Three days to prove a love that may or may not have truly existed. A love that was born when one ran over the other with a sports car and threw him in the boot to die. A love that bleached the wings of a demon white.

“Three days,” he didn’t even look up from his game, ‘if you can’t prove that Taguchi Junnosuke loves you in three days without going near him, you will take yourself to the cells of suffering. Either way, this case is closed. Am I even getting paid overtime for this Raphael?”

“No,” the Archangel stood up and stretched his limbs, “YOU were the one who volunteered for this case because it was interesting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do balancing bank statements. SOMEBODY splurged on expensive European cars on earth.” He shot Ryo a dirty look. “Good luck Tatsuya, you’re on your own now. Let’s go everyone…”

Case closed.

Three days left.

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